How it works

Patient Advocate currently provides two key services:

Specific Advocacy Services: This is when a Patient Advocate is allocated to you and provides assistance to help you resolve a specific issue. Our fees are very affordable, tailored to your needs and are fully agreed with you in advance. We know that every dollar is important, so we offer pensioner and concession holders a discount for our services.

By Your Side Support Services: This is when we keep in touch with you or the patient on a fortnightly basis to make sure the best possible health care is in place as well as help resolve any potential issues as early as possible. Best suited for those who are separated from loved ones by distance or are otherwise feeling isolated or have time pressures preventing regular contact, we can be by your side through a simple and tailored fortnightly support plan.

The first step is to contact us, either by calling our toll free number 1800 055 115 or by completing the Contact form. We will then obtain the necessary information from you to enable us to assess your situation, determine how we can help you as well as provide you with an indication of our fees. Each case is different and so each case is assessed individually.

Once everything is agreed and the necessary paperwork completed, we will get to work and will continue until you or we believe we have achieved the best possible outcome available in your circumstances. Throughout the whole process we will keep you fully informed and involved, as well as your family members or employers if you wish. Our job is to handle things around you, so that you can focus on recovery and well-being.

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In An Emergency

Sometimes things happen late at night, on weekends or on very short notice. In these types of situations we can still be by your side. If we believe we can help, and emergency assistance is required, we will do everything in our power to assist you. Please note there may be additional fees for emergency assistance depending on the situation.